Hmongs and Native Americans have so much in common…same lineage?

This is a article i came across where they are talking about the similarities between Hmongs and Native Americans.

Hmong Shaman

Hmong and Native Americans have so much in common…same lineage?

-shamanism of the oldest practice/religion
2.witch doctor

-culture/way of life
1.give much repspect to the elders stays close

1.when the girl is going to get married she gets lectured by her parents to be a good wife, obey their husband, and leave her family
2.the marriage event last for 3 days
3.they have negotiators
4.they have to pay by animals

-clothes designs

There’s more to it, but I learn it in a Native American class.

They made their way from northern china, to russia, crossing alaska to get to North America.  They hold closely to their roots and kept it the same for thousands of years before the Spanish/French/English came.

Native Americans were used as sex slave and got intermix with Spanish whom became Mexican.

So yes, Mexican, Native American and Hmong all came from the same lineage?


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