Hmong: Similar Features of The Alaskan Natives? Alaskan Native Origin?

Hmongs & Native Americans
Hmongs & Native Americans

Question: Do you guys think the Hmong people have similar features of the Alaskan Natives? Do you think the Hmong people could be from the Alaskan Native origin?


  1. Hmongs & Native Americans

    Q1: I think that the Hmongs have similar features with all Natives, not just Alaskan Natives.

    Q2: I’m not sure. It could be a possibility. But Hmong could be from other Native origins too.

  2. Iam Kongolia

    But I don’t believe they are due to the ancient myths

  3. Iam Kongolia

    Alaskan native are said to believe in the great mother.
    Mayans are said to believe in the black mother.
    Hmong people believe in the existence of Poj Dab Pog.
    I believe these are all connected, but different names.

  4. Pennie Yang

    With the similarity I believe so. I mean if you ever looked on the map of the world. You would see that all the continent were once all connected until this huge earth quake seperated them.. that’s just my theory. About the continents.

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