Hmong Culture: Strikingly Similar to Native American Culture?

This is a quote from “Native Americans + Hmong” it reads:

Native Americans + Hmong
Native Americans + Hmong

Native Americans + Hmong

Does anyone else notice how the Hmong culture is strikingly like Native American culture? I would like to interview a Native American.

  • – Spirits in lakes, forest, trees, etc.
  • – Ancestors.
  • – Rituals.
  • – Offerings.
  • – Spirits in animals.
  • – Soul.
  • – Etc.
  • Www.Pebhmong.Com

So, you can see that the Hmong community sees and recognizes their brothers. The problem is, how do one connect the dots? The dots are there. Are you willing to look for the clues?


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