Do Traditional Hmongs Go on Spiritual Quests Like the Natives Do?

Hmongs & Native Americans

Hmongs & Native Americans

I was wondering do traditional Hmongs go on spiritual quests like the Natives do?


  1. Ka Ying Moua

    What do you mean by spiritual quests?

  2. Ka Ying Moua

    The only commonly known quests are made by the Hmong Shaman and woman. If there were any Hmong person who could encounter a quest, it would be unknown to the general Hmong community.

  3. Hmongs & Native Americans

    Hmmm, okay. Yea I kinda figured it would be the Shamans. Do you think if a non-shaman person were to go or have been on a quest and they were not “ordained” to be a shaman, would that make them a shaman or how would the Hmong community look at that? Hope I made sense.

  4. Ka Ying Moua

    Yes, that made sense. I know of a few who may have gone through it. Their spiritual power to sense emotion and energy is heighten than the average human and they tend to have guardian spirits that guide them to help people. One guy who’s around my age actually was supposed to be a Shaman and he could sense his friends’ callings for help.

  5. Ka Ying Moua

    I don’t know how the older people would view that but the younger ones in my generation look up to him.

  6. Hmongs & Native Americans

    Wow, that’s pretty amazing. If he was supposed to be a Shaman, how come he didn’t follow thru with it? But I know what you mean I too can sense peoples emotions and energies. It’s not as strong as it was a few years ago because I was dealing with some stuff but now that I’m starting to focus more on my spirituality its starting to become strong again. I think this would be a great question to ask the elders. Maybe I should ask my dad.

  7. Ka Ying Moua

    Yeah, that’s a great question. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. When I do, I’ll let you know. In a way, I feel like my spirituality strengthens my mentality, but definitely, I would like to know your dad’s response.

  8. Iam Kongolia

    Yep they do. That’s why they do a ritual known as ‘Neeb’… I believe that the ritual does not need to be preformed to go to the other world. For example, my mom has been ill and I dreamed of an old lady, Poj Dab Pog, she’s a witch. I dreamed that I scorned at her and she gave me the cure to cure my mom in real life–it was fox blood, but I never used it because I would not dare kill a fox.

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