Buddhists, Native Americans: Similar History, Beliefs, World Events

Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche, left, and Khenpo Namchak checking on the quality of the completed castings of Buddhas.

Tibetan Buddhists And Native Americans Find Common Ground In Montana

Tibetan lama Tulku Sang-Ngag Rinpoche has placed a 24-foot-tall Buddhist statue of Yum Chenmo, the Great Mother of Wisdom and Compassion, on a Montana Native American reservation as part of his planned “Garden of 1000 Buddhas” project to promote world peace. Though Native Americans see the land as sacred to their own history, the Buddhists and Native Americans have discovered that they have a similar history and share beliefs and perspectives on world events. In a seven-minute video story for Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, Lucky Severson explores the cross-cultural sharing that is taking place in a remote part of Montana. Watch “Buddha Garden” and read the transcript here.


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