What Are Things You’d Like See Be Done in Hmong & Native Communities?

Hmongs & Native Americans

What are some things you’d like to see be done in both the Hmong & Native communities?


  1. Mac Xiong

    Trying to defraud each others at least in the hmong community anyways

  2. S'no Angel

    We need to stop hating on each other! Stop killing our own ppl! Where is the love? The love of jus humanity!

  3. S'no Angel

    I agree w Mac. Hmong ppl be defrauding their own for $$.

  4. Bret Staggerstrait

    law education and human rights

  5. Bret Staggerstrait

    treaty education

  6. James Shore

    All people have Native Pride but we need to relearn and respect our elders learn our history and beliefs and folk lore

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