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Look at these brothers. Hmong and Mexican.


  1. Admin

    And as time went on and generations after generations the intermingling with other nations or groups of people changed some what of their looks, skin color, language, DNA, etc… making it that much harder to prove that they all are the same people.

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    I believe that at some point the Mexicans, Native Americans and the Hmongs were all together as a people. And as time went on some started migrating to other areas. Who you call the Hmong people today stayed or migrated south into China, then moving towards the Southeast of Asia and the Native and Mexicans crossed over the Bering Straight bridge and migrated in North and South American and into Mexico.

  3. A Conscious Human Entity

    Remember that the difference in characteristics also depends on climate, temperatures, location, the type of food eaten, the water drank, and also the intensity of living conditions. The human body naturally adapted and developed characteristics which helped them to survive in the best way possible according to these things. One example I can give you is that the migrants into the colder conditions where there was more snow developed an extra flap over their eyelids to prevent the glare from the Sun off of the snow. So if you look on individuals with light complexion, they will have a sort of fatter upper eyelid than individuals with dark complexion.

  4. Admin

    That’s a good point. People also adapt to different climates which changes their textures and colors.

  5. A Conscious Human Entity

    Exactly. You’re right. It also depends on the type of lotions and natural remedies each tribe was exposed to. It’s different in every part of the world, because certain plants, animals, and elements existing in one part of the world could be absolutely foreign to another part of the world. So as our ancestors migrated they had to adapt and learn new remedies and eat new meat ever couple thousand miles they traveled or so. It would be a crazy time to live.

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    Just like is somebody goes tan with oil, that oil enhances your look or your tan.

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    That’s a good point A Conscious Human Entity.

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