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‘This question of a coming divergent world, a just one that separates in some way from the wicked one we’re currently embroiled in, has been with us for some time.

We are watching parallel phenomena of violent, threatening darkness pounding at our doorstep while a simultaneous absolutely awe-inspiring and empowering awakening is taking place around the globe.

These are being contrasted before our hearts and minds as we each deal with these incoming realities at many levels.

As we know, they cannot contain our awakening no matter what draconian measures they try.

The dark Powers that have cleverly slipped into place can kill, maim and destroy to their wicked hearts’ content but it doesn’t do a thing.

That glorious fact is a reality that has been carefully kept “behind the veil” of mass human awareness for eons, even though every living soul senses otherwise.

Awake and aware consciousness and those daring to live there have known this all along.’

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(Scott Dro)

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