Philip Blenkinsop

Can anyone confirm this?

I have just learned that the Hmong leader, Moua Toua Ter, pictured here, who I photographed ten years ago, is in the Bangkok Thai Immigration Jail and is expected to be handed over to Lao Authorities tomorrow (25th March 2013) where his future will undoubtedly be jail or worse. I’m not sure what, if anything, can be done to postpone this action long enough for him to have an audience with the UNHCR but if anyone reading this can help in any way you would be helping to save this man’s life.


  1. Robert Vang

    Most likely he’s gonna be executed.

  2. Admin

    Thanks Robert! So it is true. I wonder what the US is going to do? Only monitor the situation? SMH. LOL. What do you think would happen to Moua Toua Ter once he’s back in Laos? If he “disappears” or ends up dead then this just goes to show that the Laos government still holds grudges against the Hmong people and the Hmongs are still being persecuted. May not be as bad as it was in the 70s-80s-90s but it’s happening and somehow we need to make it known world wide, creating a buzz.

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