Mapuche Supp Warp

This is South American designs, most likely from Guatemala.


  1. Admin

    This is the same disign in the black & white picture.


  2. Admin

    These designs are also in both pictures.


  3. Tou Vu Yang

    I tried to find and contact Hmong people in Argentina but I have no relative there. What I know is that in French Guiana, some Native Indigenous people indeed say that they have similarities with Hmong people.

  4. Admin

    The symbol in the gold & white picture, is the same symbol this girl is wearing in the middle of this picture. The symbol looks like the #3.


  5. Admin

    That’s nice to know that the Native Indigenous people in French Guiana also see the similarities.

  6. Admin

    Tou Vu Yang – That is interesting to hear that the Native indigenous peoples of French Guiana recognizes the similarities. I wonder if anyone from there has tried to find any connections between the two cultures?

  7. Tou Vu Yang

    Note that the women are not all wearing traditional Hmong clothes / colours: one women seems to be wearing native clothes, some use the colours usually seen on cloths worn by the black people in Guiana.

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