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Sad! Do you think the Viet government would pursue an investigation on the death of these boys?


Dak Lak, Vietnam – 5 Hmong students found buried in sand in the Krong Bong river, Dak Lak province.

On Thursday 13, this afternoon, a fisherman from Cu Dram village went to fishing at Krong Bong river, and he discovered a pair of pants, 4 shoes and hands of deceased buried in sand at the riverside. He then reported to local authority for excavating the site.

After authorities dig about 50 cm from the layer of sand, they found 5 death bodies, who are Hmong students from the areas. The subjects started rotting and smelly.

These students have been missing since Monday, according to Hmong Public’s news contributor in Vietnam.

Mr. Tran Quoc, head of Education Office in Krong Bong district, said that these 5 students did not come to class since Monday. Also, the school had sent notices about their unexplained disappearance to the Department of Education is Krong Bong district.

Currently, authorities are conducting autopsies to investigate the causes of death.

However, our news contributor said that these victims are Hmong-Christians, 4 victims are from PaoChoua village and 1 victim is from Ea Ba village in the CuDram area, Krong Bong district, Dak Lak province.

All the victims are boys and the subjects were identified as 1: Hung Lee (Hooj Lis) 18 year old, 2: Bang Yang (Peev Yaj) 18 year old, 3: Bing Moua (Peej Muas) 19 year old, 4: Vinh Vang (Vee Vaj) 17 year old, 5: Fong Lee (Foom Lis) 13 year old.

All these Hmong students are in classes from 7th grade to 12th grade, according to Hmong Public’s news contributor in Vietnam. The victims died at least 4 days ago and no one knows the cause of death is because of religious or racial discrimination, everything is under investigation by authorities, the source told Hmong Public.

Vietnam local news reported that each family of the deceased will receive 2 million Dong (about $95) from the local government.

Written By: Hmong Public
Contributed to This Report: Hmong Public News Contributor in Vietnam.


  1. Lee Lor

    it has to do with religious discrimination or ethnic discrimination.

  2. Admin

    That’s what I think too. If it’s either one of those then I don’t think the Viet government is gonna do anything about it.

  3. Nouchia Moua

    How terrible! The poor families losing their boys! Money from the government won’t take away the pain of their loss. If this is ruled as homicide, I hope that whoever did this to them will have karma biting them in the rear soon enough!

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