So, Native Americans Are the Descendants of Shang Dynasty Chinese?

“New Proofs from The Experts: Native Americans are the Descendants of Shang Dynasty Chinese”

“New Proofs from The Experts: Native Americans are the Descendants of Shang Dynasty Chinese”


A poem of the Chinese Shang Dynasty states: “Shandu’s reign included overseas accomplishments.” According to the explanation from Moruo Guo, Shandu was the eleventh emperor of the Shang. He greatly extended the boundary of his empire. His explorers reached the ocean to the north east of China – Bohai Sea, and connected with people overseas. This reveals that the technology of sea navigation at that time was advanced. Also, 7000 seashells were found in the tomb of Queen Yehow, one of the Shang queens.

So, Native Americans are the descendants of Shang dynasty Chinese? Is this an impossible myth?

Recently, Henan province historians have provided some new clues. Even if it is not yet concluded in the academic arena whether Native Americans are descendants of Shang Chinese, new evidence may help to unveil this myth in a few years.

Recently Kai Gao, doctor of history/geography, Fu Dan University and professor of the history, Zhengzhou University, while at a conference of the Kueykutzu branch of the Pre-Chin Era History Association, was asked: “Are native Americans the descendants of Shang Dynasty Chinese?” He expressed that he supported this theory. He also provided some new evidence.

Through research, foreign scholars discovered that stone anchors found along the seashore of the Pacific Ocean in North America are similar to stone anchors of Shang and Zhou Dynasty in shape and quality. In Maya ruins sacrificial altars and jade carvings also have cultural similarities to the ones from Shang/Zhou Dynasty.…

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