Hmongs: Do You Feel A Connection with The Natives People?

Hmongs & Native Americans
Hmongs & Native Americans

To all the Hmongs in this website: Do you feel a connection with the Natives people? (Answer then comment below why you chose your answer).


  1. Ka Ying Moua

    Yes, I do. Talking about our history, my culture, our language, our belief system, I see and feel very connected to the Natives.

  2. Hmongs & Native Americans

    Yes, I do too. I agree with Ka Ying. I can also see and feel very connected to the Natives. I feel it in my spirit. There IS a connection. We are the same. Both our histories, cultures, belief systems are the same. I read some where that the old (ancient) Hmong language was very similar to the Native American language. I believe it was either Cree or Ojibwe. When I find it, I will post it up. \

  3. Ka Ying Moua

    The Ojibwe uses lithographs which are a bit different from Hmong currently. I don’t know how Hmong’s writing used to look like.

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