I Am Not Hmong But Native American

A Hmong Woman

I am not Hmong; And I don’t speak Spanish!


I am not Hmong but Native American. I was adopted and found my birth family at age 36. Untill then I did not know I was Native American. I have a rich heritage of which I have no idea what that heritage is! I think what you are trying to achieve is wonderfull. America is the so called “melting pot” so we should speak our native tounges as well as English. Todays society does not honor its elders, modern America locks up the elderly in rest homes and forgets their past. Who they are and who they come from.
For me knowing where I come from is like coming home. Seeing my face in other family members faces. Experiencing the similarities that were thought of as odd by my adoptive parents now are normal. Untill you have no sence of who you are, you will be lost untill you find your history, your heritage. Bravo to you! You are admired. ~Enduring Heart ~ aka NurseWrachette


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