How would you bring the Hmong & Native community together as one?

Hmongs & Native Americans

What are some ways that you’d like to see to help bring the Hmong & Native community together as one?


  1. Ka Ying Moua

    Hmong New Year festival and recognition at Hmong New Years.

  2. Tou SaiKo Lee

    Pow wow and Hmong Celebration together as one event

  3. Hmongs & Native Americans

    Tou SaiKo Lee, that is what we are planning on doing. We are hoping to get something like that going soon sometime in the future.

  4. Tou SaiKo Lee

    When you say we, who do you mean? That is cool though.

  5. Phuab Vaj

    The Forest County Potawatomi Foundation and Hmong American Friendship Association sustains a beautiful partnership in Milwaukee. In conversations with the executive directors of each site (Kaye Garcia -FCPF & Loneng Kiatoukaysy -HAFA), missions are merged along the deep appreciation for cultural history with traditional customs, for civic services, longstanding support to youth education of dance, and instruments. HAFA youth have honorably provided instrument services at celebrations such as the Hmong New Year in Milwaukee, and at funerals for community members (drumming and qeej) which is often a role of adults. On a more social note, each summer (2 yrs consecutively) I have MC’d at the HAFA Golf Fundraiser and have met the members of FCPF including Chairman “Gus” Frank and his executive council, who have graciously helped HAFA organize and hold the fundraiser itself. This pairing of Hmong and Native American relations in the city is true heart. I am not employed with neither, rather genuinely touched by the connections. and

  6. We All The Same

    Not just Native Americans, but every other ethnics out there in the world too, our cultures is so similar to one another!

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