Black Hmong And Mapuche: Both Cultures Using This Same Instrument

I thought these videos were cool. They show both cultures using this same instrument. What are your thoughts on it?

Black Hmong Tribal Music


Música Mapuche – Mi We Peñeñ.Flv


  1. Nus Vaj

    Holy cow she’s even wearing the same dress design outfit. We call this instrument “cha”, loosely spelled. In the Romanization it’s spelled Ncas. The “h” in “cha” is silent and the “c” is not pronounced with the “k” sound. What do the MAPUCHE people call this instrument?

  2. Robert Vang

    haha the funny thing is we use this instrument to court girls at night when their parents are all asleep. A young man would sneak outside at night and find where a girl room is at and play this instrument to her outside of her room. She will answer back by playing it too. They would communicate threw these instrument using sweet melody that can be translate to words to win a girl heart. I still don’t know how they understand and can translate the instrument.

  3. Hmongs & Native Americans

    Nus Vaj – I’m sorry I posted the wrong instrument. The one that you are talking about is called trompe (trom-pay), its like a Jews harp or something like that.

  4. Hmongs & Native Americans

    Robert Vang – I heard that because the Hmong language is a tonal language that when a person speaks you can hear sounds of instruments and that is why they can understand what the music is saying.

  5. Robert Vang

    yeah that is true our language is base on tone. Probably explain why there’s so many hmong singers hahaha. Every instrument that a hmong plays even a leaf can speak.

  6. Robert Vang

    its really hard to understand it. You’ll have to actually grew up with it surrounding you. Now i believe there’s is no young generation that can translate an instrument.

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