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This website was put together to bring light that both the Hmongs & Native Americans are on in the same but just from different lands. Here we can all come together to teach, learn, support and share our history, culture, traditions, beliefs, family values and lifestyles with one another.

Despite the fact that both these groups of people came from different lands, 99% of their culture, traditions, beliefs, family values and lifestyles are the same. They even share the same histories – genocide, being conquered and oppressed, called barbarians and savages and they are both indigenous peoples.

Here you can find many ways that these two groups are the same people. So please feel free to contribute to the site and invite your family and friends as well.

We hope you enjoy these pages. Please let us know your comments.

The following people and groups are administrators of the site and have contributed information to share.

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Rose Clayborne in the middle left.

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BIRTH DATE – June 20

GENDER – Female

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WEBSITE – http://oneuniquequeen.com

EMAIL – OneUniqueQueen@gmail.com

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