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Hmongs & Native Americans

**PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS** The Hmongs & Native Americans are one in the same, just from different lands. A place where the Hmongs & Native Americans can come together to share their culture, traditions, beliefs, family values and life styles. Despite the fact that both these groups of people came from different lands, 99% of their culture, traditions, beliefs, family values and life styles are the same. They even share the same histories; genocide, being conquered and oppressed, called barbarians and savages and they are both indigenous peoples. **PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS**
Rose Clayborne
Rose Clayborne shared Hmongstory 40's video to the group: Hmongs & Native Americans.Friday, February 24th, 2017 at 1:04pm
For those who don't know who the Hmong people are, watch this short documentary from someone who was there seeing first hand what was happening. This is just a bit of the Hmong history. The struggles, the hardships, their way of life during the Vietnam war. This is one history that they don't teach you in school!!!! #HmongNation #HmongHistory #IAMHMONG #HmongStory
Rose Clayborne
Hmongstory 40
When I watch this documentary not only does my Mind and Body cry, but my Soul cries too. Please remember to come to the Sacramento Exhibit showcase Feb 11-25th at SCUSD Enrollment Center. #Hmongstory40 #Hmongstory #Hmong #Story
MIchael Allen Ramirez
MIchael Allen RamirezMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 8:35am
Resistance across the board.
Stephen Lu
Stephen Lu shared a link to the group: Hmongs & Native Americans.Sunday, February 5th, 2017 at 8:23am
The real "Bowling Green Massacre."

Rose Clayborne
Rose Clayborne shared a link to the group: Hmongs & Native Americans.Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at 11:55am
I love this!!! Very powerful lyrics... informative & empowering! Major props to all the artists involved in this song! #StandUp #IStandWithStandingRock #MniWiconi #NoDAPL
Rose Clayborne
Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video)
Tell President Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and protect water for 17 million people and our planet for future generations: SIGN THE PETITION at h...
Poj Laib Lee
Poj Laib LeeThursday, November 10th, 2016 at 11:11am
Please read and share...
The #TRUTH must be heard and known world wide that this is the spiritual war, no one knows about....

(religious war, spiritual war, cyber war, physical war)
Rose Clayborne
Rose ClayborneTuesday, November 1st, 2016 at 9:30pm
MONGOLIA.....Stands with Standing Rock and for the Waters! #NoDAPL #IStandWithStandingRock #WaterIsLife
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Nouchia Moua

Recently, my dad decide to discuss with me the some issues the Hmong women face because of the cultures and traditions.

According to the Hmong traditions, in a house or household, there is a family spirit or guardian that protects the family. It will protect everyone in the family but some of the rules for protecting the women will change especially if a girl gets married.

If a girl gets married, she of course will leave her family to go live with her husband and from then on it’s the duty of the guardian of her husband’s family to protect her and no longer that of her own family (if you’ve seen the film “Mulan 2”, it’s kind of like that where the ancestors tell Mushu once Mulan gets married, the guardianship will switch over to those of her husband’s family).

The problem here is that if there were to be an issue between husband and wife like their relationship didn’t work out or there are issues of domestic violence and they divorce, neither of the families will be willing to take care of the girl especially the funeral rites. There is a saying, “Koj ciaj los koj yog luag neeg, koj tuag los koj yog luag dab” which means, “Dead or alive, you are of their people now”. When a girl marries into another family, all of her needs as well as spiritual needs will be taken care of by her husband’s family whether it be soul calling ceremonies or funeral rites.

If the girl were to divorce for whatever reasons whether she willingly agreed to divorce or is kicked out by her husband, she can go back to live with her family but she won’t be protected anymore by the household guardian because she already belongs to another family through marriage. And if she were to die, she cannot die in her own family’s home and there will also be issues to who will take care of the funeral rites. And if no one takes care of the funeral rites then basically her soul will remain in limbo. But for a guy, wherever he goes in life, he can still come back to live with his parents and his own funeral rites will still be taken care of by his parent’s family.

Life can be even more difficult if the girl who returns home is also pregnant whether she’s married or not. She can live with her family but only until she gives birth to her child. She cannot give birth inside of her family’s home because it’s taboo. So before she gives birth she has to go make a home or shelter of her own away from her family and give birth there and she can’t return to her parent’s home for at least a month. From that point on, she’s basically on her own for a whole month.

Surprisingly, this still carries on into the 21st century especially for the Hmong families who still keep very, very strict traditional rules. There have been Hmong girls here in the United States whose parents still follow tradition and if they were to come home pregnant one day, they wont’ be allowed back home until 30 days after the birth. The moment that they give birth in the hospital and a few days after they are discharged, they’ve got nowhere else to go, especially for teenage girls. Some of these issues have even been taken to court because the girl reports to the police or CPS that her parents are not willing to take her back; that it’s negligence or abuse.

Have there been any issues like this in the Native American culture or anything similar?

Nouchia Moua
Facebook user

Ima B. Musing

Hi, I am a person with Native American heritage. I worked at a Hmong nonprofit in the Twin Cities, MN for several years. We often shared stories, the animals were different but the fables very similar. If you listen to the traditional songs, the vocalizations are similar to Native American plains nations. I think that there is also a link with Sami and indigenous nations near Finland, just look up their traditional outfits. It would be cool to do a DNA profile between the three… Peace to ALL my Relations!

Ima B. Musing
Facebook user

Billy Pigeon

Thank you for the add . this is a great group , i can just tell.

Billy Pigeon
Facebook user

Jay Green

Hello everyone here,
This was a shock and great discovery to me to find a group with Native Americans and the Hmong people together . A great combination. A little about my self for anyone interested. I am Part Native America my self, (Eastern band Cherokee) but here’s the kicker i grew up with the Laos people from age of 12 years old i am now 49. I speak Thai, Lao, and English fluently. Most Hmong i use to know do speak Lao and there own natural tongue as well. But many that are now in the states that were born here only speak there Hmong language because most has lost the reason to have to speak the Lao language any more. But this isn’t a always case there are still Hmong who speak Lao as well as there own Hmong language in the States . If anyone would like to know more about me feel free to add me or ask me what ever….. Thank you to who added me to group , I hope to find many more friends here.

Jay Green
Facebook user

Tou SaiKo Lee

I saw a Hmong person making fun of an image of a Native American stereotype on facebook and I expressed what I felt about it. I wanted to share it with this facebook group. I am not here to out that person and I want this person to understand.

All I will say now is for people that have made comments making fun of this image, we as Hmong and Asian people in the US have been discriminated and dehumanized by many people due to stereotypes about how US mainstream media has created our image. There are many Native American people that I respect, love, and have been an inspirational influence in my life. This picture is mainstream media’s depiction of a stereotype that really promotes hate towards Native people. It does hurt me to see that some of our people may ridicule our Native brothers and sisters. Native people in the US have a history of persecution where many people were killed and many were forced give up their land, language and culture. We as Hmong people have a similar history in China where we were also persecuted. We should be standing up for Native people and love them they way that we as Hmong people needed that love to survive and persevere so we can be here on the land that was taken away from them with opportunities to be successful. I understand it was meant as a joke but I honestly feel the pain of Native people’s history that has manifested into these images that mock their existence. Please think about the Native people’s struggle with love and understanding to our own history.

Tou SaiKo Lee
Facebook user

Poz Zeb Thao

Does anyone have a link to the DNA similarities? And Hmong people is this were the name Khang comes from? pronounced hmong Ka as in native American which would make it a clue right?

Poz Zeb Thao
Facebook user

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